MTVMTV - Yeasayer, "I Remember"...Motorcycle club members hop off their hogs to critique Yeasayer's trippy new video featuring Michele Bauer and David Staley. Biker quote: "You never find girls like that in the desert!"

- MSN Music- Yeasayer, "I Remember"..."Yeasayer are fast establishing themselves as creators of the world's weirdest video clips. Their video for 'Madder Red' starred actress Kristen Bell and a weird blob stalking her. The new clip for 'I Remember' continues their penchant for the strange, starring a bearded bikie, a hot chick and clouds of pink dust."

- SPIN Magazine- Yeasayer, "I Remember"...The band has also dropped a video for the track, and true to their arty synth-pop sound, the clip is an awesomely bizarre chronicle of a mustachioed biker who wanders through a blazing hot desert and passes out — only to be found by a bodacious babe who promptly indulges in lots of grinding and face-licking. Check it out here...

- Rolling Stone Magazine- Yeasayer, 'Odd Blood' Album, Top 30 Albums of 2010...The second album from these Brooklyn synth wizards overflows with art-pop nuggets....

- Michele Bauer, Starring in Yeaysayer's "I Remember" Video released on Valentines Day 2011! Featuring Michele Bauer and David Staley, Directed by Sophia Peer +++ The Yeasayer girl 

Yeasayer, "I Remember" Music Video PRESS

- Baeble Music- Yeasayer, "I Remember"..."The experimental group out of Brooklyn is no less eccentric in their music video productions. The band's video for "I Remember", off of Odd Blood, elicits reminiscence of 70s Midnight Movies like "El Topo". Bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have taken similar video routes. Alongside their whimsical tune, this elderly biker slips off into a peyote-like trance. Luckily for this loner, his trip is occupied by a turquoise-jeweled babe. (How many times do I have to insist that chicks dig the stache?) Check out our video of Yeasayer live at the Music Hall of Willamsburg."

- V Music- Yeasayer, "I Remember"..."Gotta love Yeasayer for avoiding cliche in their music videos. Their latest clip for 'I Remember' revolves around a beardy biker dude who goes on a desert adventure. After inhaling the purple gas that is released from a smashed head mould, the old fella is approached by a sexy young lass in Daisy Dukes. Yeah, just watch..."

-The Fader- Yeasayer, "I Remember"..."a video for the track, directed by Sophia Peer, which features a biker dude in leather pants going bonkers in the desert, getting tangled up in some florescent dust and passing out before getting his face licked by a hot girl in jean shorts. Just like our lives except minus all of that stuff."

- Pitchfork- Yeasayer, "I Remember"..."The Yeasayer website also has the predictably trippy new video for "I Remember", from director Sophia Peer. In the video, a biker smashes a bust of his own head, conjuring a cloud of fluorescent acid smoke and a girl who grinds on him while he's asleep."

- VideoStatic- Yeasayer, "I Remember"..."Best use of a clay bust since the classic Lionel Richie "Hello" video? Yes, and even though the plotline of this Yeasayer clip is a bit more existential as it concerns the fantasies of a lonely motorcycle dude, it's as strangely, if not perversely sexy. --> watch "I Remember"

- Secretly Canadian- Watch in High Definition HD -Yeasayer, "I Remember"

- PASTE Magazine-Film, Music & Culture- Yeasayer, "I Remember"..."Yeasayer have released a video for "I Remember" off Odd Blood"

Yeasayer, "I Remember" Video Press: Press

-Michele Bauer has lead role as Agent Danielle Robins, in the new Chosen FilmWorks short movie PURGE directed by talented filmmaker and writer Michael Dohrmann. This is a film with a strong universal message.

PURGE is the $100,000 grand prize winner for the Alex Jones -Operation Paul Revere Movie contest. +++ available online